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Mill Farm is owned by founders Mark & Anne, who bought and lovingly restored the farm in 2014.

The history of Mill Farm within the community is centuries old. It originally functioned as a grist mill, using the river to make flour for those nearby. A much earlier history of the land is suggested by the discovery of Roman limekiln remains, seen near to the farm's entrance.

With a strong belief in treating the environment with as much respect as they treat the farm animals, Mark and Anne have established an ethos that's felt throughout the farm. This, combined with their passion for creativity, creates an irresistible atmosphere, and from your very first visit to us , you will feel inspired. Mill Farm is a place where inspiration and new ideas can flourish. Whether you are a writer, artist or musician, or just looking for a country break the farm has something to offer everyone.

Meet the team...

Anne and Mark

Successful entrepreneurs and passionate musicians, Mark and Anne are keen to share their love of music and establish an inspiring and welcoming local 'home' for creative individuals to utilise and enjoy with equal measure. Mill Farm Dorset has evolved to hosting live indoor and events on the outdoor stage, in support of local musicians, which we hope everyone can enjoy.

Mark’s passion for music has taken him from the day he picked up his first guitar at school and learnt The House of the Rising Sun! A hippy at heart and true fan of Arlo Guthrie and Alice! Mark’s dream has been to create an environment for musicians, young and old, whether starting out or recording their next project, in order to develop their skills and progress with their music. Mark plays several instruments, but guitar is first love - which can be seen by the vast guitar collection which is hanging around the studio. He loves playing with his band and jamming in the studio with his friends.

As the lead singer of the band, Anne has worked in radio presenting her own music shows. Anne has sung with the London Bach Choir and also plays piano and harmonica. Mark and Anne’s passion for music and business drive have fundamentally shaped the Mill Farm ethos as a home for creativity and hub for the musical community.

Rebecca Jobling

Rebecca is our dedicated vocal coach and festival organiser. With a keen focus on nurturing talent, she helps vocalists unlock their full potential. Beyond coaching, she's a driving force behind Mill Farm's vibrant music festivals, creating unforgettable festival experiences.

Additionally, Rebecca crafts engaging narratives in the monthly newsletter, offering readers a peek into the rich world of music and performance. Her commitment shines through in every aspect of her work, making music accessible and inspiring for all.

Tom Jobling

Studio Producer, Tom, has an extensive production and engineering background, from having released his own work on Mercury Records to being Zane Lowe’s record of the week. An experienced producer, he has worked with Tom Dalgety, who produced bands such as the Pixies and Royal Blood.

Alongside production and engineering talent, Tom is a highly accomplished musician and plays guitar in folk-rock band, Sorry About Shaun. This Dorset/Wiltshire based band have a strong following, playing Larmer Tree Festival in 2019. The band have been touring their latest EP, ‘Summer’, which was recorded here at Mill Farm Studios.

Tom's enthusiasm for music frequently takes him on a technical journey, he can often be found dismantling and rebuilding vintage microphones to create his exacting desired sound. So too for guitars, Tom is a great person to refurbish much-loved guitars, having collected an amazing amount of hard to find parts over time.

Ray Thomson

Ray is known for his attention to detail and organisational skills and works behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly in the studio and for live music events. He also loves the farm machinery and enjoys maintaining the farm's natural aesthetic, in the grounds and in the garden. He can often be found on a mower in fact...His hands-on approach means he is always happy to help guests and studio visitors with any questions they may have about the farm or general happenings.

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Life on the farm

Mill farm is home to a variety of animals including Alpacas, Ouessant Sheep and fowl. Roaming happily in their paddocks either side of the leat stream they are a joy to be seen. Our latest additions to the farm are three peacocks who have settled in nicely with the chickens and ducks. As well as wool and eggs, the farm also produces honey from two bee hives and in 2019 we planted an orchard with 19 different types of apple trees, as well other fruit.