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A rurally located, independent recording studio and events venue in Bradford Abbas, Dorset.
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Our Dutch Barn is home to Mill Farm Studios - a recording studio, guitar bar and intimate gig venue. The farm is also the perfect location for those looking for residential recording possibilities. We can offer accommodation for artists seeking to record and visit the farm in one of three beautiful country cottages; Fox, Kingfisher and Owl.

The recording studio at Mill Farm Dorset has been designed to offer the ideal 'one-room' recording experience. Set up for quick workflow, the recording studio boasts a hugely impressive range of high-end recording & production equipment and a very long list of instruments. Musicians are free to use the studio guitar collection, which some may is the best guitar collection in the South West. Definitely enough to make the most seasoned collector envious.

Matching the demands of modern recording, Mill Farm Studios blends both vintage and modern equipment to accommodate for all sounds and genres, in complement to skilled production offered by the studio team. We are dedicated and passionate about music and recording and work with a diverse range of artists on all types of creative projects, big and small.

Mill Farm Studios works with musicians, performers and other artists seeking to develop writing or recording projects in a comfortable, relaxed and creative countryside environment.

Our Dutch Barn is also home to our indoor events venue, The Omelette Club. Please check our events page for all events and listings.

We brought in the guys at Mill Farm to mix and master some tracks for one of our label artists. Excellent service, super-polished production, and quick turnaround. Highly recommended

Adrian, co-owner label, ANALOGUE TRASH

You only need to rock up to the studio empty-handed and potentially leave with a radio-worthy record under your belt


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Our Values

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Bradford Abbas in Dorset, our rural farm and recording studio embody a harmonious blend of artistic creativity and ethical stewardship. We have always been deeply committed to our ethical and environmental values. It's not just about producing music here; it's about doing so in a way that respects and nurtures the environment that sustains them.

Our commitment extends beyond eco-conscious operations. At our recording studio, we foster a close-knit community of artists who share their values. We believe that the synergy between creators and the natural world is integral to producing authentic, soulful music. This environment allows recording artists to reconnect with the earth's rhythms and find inspiration in the tranquil surroundings. This unique setting enhances the collaborative process, resulting in music that resonates deeply with both the artists and their audiences. Our farm and recording studio, tucked away in the heart of Dorset, stand as a testament to the power of ethical values, environmental stewardship, and the profound relationship between artists and their surroundings.

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