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The Omelette Club is Mill Farm's live music and events venue, which comfortably seats up to 50 people or around 75 standing only. Featuring a built-in stage, top notch tech equipment and great acoustics, the Omelette Club offers the ideal space for putting on your next music gig or private event.

The history behind the name...

The Omelette Club is named after a Club of the same name, run by Mark's french grandmother, Germaine Caillaud, during the late 1950's & early 1960’s. Originally located off Piccadilly in London at 'Les Ambassadeurs', the Club then moved to Abbots Langley in Hertfordshire.

The Omelette Club became a haven for creative individuals; artists, writers and journalists all came to meet and socialise, such as the renowned artist Sir William Russell Flint, and BBC journalists & presenters, Fyffe Robinson and Cliff Michelmore. A notable artist herself as well as restauranteur, Germaine and her husband Alex created this dinner club, involving their friends and family for many years. Sadly, no longer in location, the Omelette Club brought the idea of bringing socially interesting, creative and like-minded people to the fore, a long time before the idea transcended into the many creative clubs and hotels that London is now home to.

As a footnote to the story above, when The Omelette Club was sold, Mark's grandparents moved to Padstow in Cornwall and started the first fish restaurant ('Lou Pescadou') at the Customs House on the Quay. A chap called Rick subsequently bought it from them!!

The Omelette Club in Bradford Abbas, Dorset...

By bringing the name, The Omelette Club, to Dorset we are paying our respects to the celebrated ethos of the original family-owned club and aiming to establish The Omelette Club at Mill Farm as a place to be similarly enjoyed as a focal point of entertainment, fun and individuality.

We regularly work with & book bands and other acts to play at the Club and have hosted a variety of other entertainment acts, as the space is well suited to smaller theatrical productions and comedy acts, for example.

The Omelette Club has a full commercial kitchen that can provide for all catering needs and is ideal for hosting private dining events by enquiry.

Please get in touch via Enquiry if you are an act looking to book or discuss, explore dates or to find out rates for performances.

The Guitar Bar

Upstairs in the Omelette club is The Guitar bar, a great hang out and small gig venue with a collection of signature model guitars of the likes of Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan to name a few which hang on the walls. Gigs and other events will be going on from the end of June throughout the year so signup to our newsletter to keep updated. Come and join us for a local somerset cider and some cracking local talent.

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La Clairiere

Our dedicated intimate live performing venue! La Clairiere plays host to live performing artists and other entertainment acts. We plan to hold more gigs in this venue in due course - do keep updated on what's in store over the next few months on our Ticket & Events page.

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As well as the Omelette club, Mill Farm hosts seasonal outdoor festivals and welcomes guests to the outdoor stage in the fields of the farm.

Sign up to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with event information and ticket details. We look forward to seeing you there!

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